LET’S START PLANNING! John S. Knight Center Facility & Services Guide

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1. Welcome Letter 2. Proposal

3. Special Promotions 4. Online Photo Gallery 5. Floor Plans 6. Rate Sheets of Services 7. Security Procedures 8. Services & Contacts Overview 9. Parking Directions 10. Akron/Summit Convention & Visitors Bureau Services

Message from Gregg M. Mervis

With our Sales Team poised to lend their assistance during every phase of your planning, holding your next event at the John S. Knight Center has never been more convenient and exciting. An eclectic array of accommodations and iconic attractions afford planners and attendees major metropolitan amenities with the added benefits of accessibility and affordability. Whether it’s a large annual convention or an intimate board meeting, the success of your event is our Team’s first priority. The innovative spirit that continues to inspire the growth and development of our community is also demonstrated by the dedicated women and men of our hospitality industry - their passion is what defines Greater Akron’s extraordinary level of customer service. Simply put, we encourage you to select Greater Akron and the John S. Knight Center. We are committed to creating an event experience that you and your attendees will remember for years to come!


Gregg M. Mervis President & CEO Akron/Summit Convention & Visitors Bureau John S. Knight Center Greystone Sports Alliance of Greater Akron

John S. Knight Center Proforma

Akron Community Foundation Appreciative Inquiry Summit Tuesday, June 4, 2024

March 19, 2024

Ms. Mariana Silva Akron Community Foundation

345 Cedar Street Akron, OH 44307 Dear Ms. Silva:

Thank you for your consideration of the John S. Knight Center. We extend to you and Akron Community Foundation a most cordial invitation to utilize the John S. Knight Center for your Appreciative Inquiry Summit. You will be more than satisfied with the quality of our Convention Center. Please note that we currently do not have a hold on the space proposed. Enclosed is a detailed proforma and proposal for this event. Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact me directly at (330) 374-8932 or toll free at (800) 245-4254. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you and to help in making all of your events at the John S. Knight Center a great success! Sincerely,

Kelly Byers

Kelly Byers Sales Manager KB:ms Enclosure



Akron Community Foundation

March 19, 2024 Kelly Byers


Date Prepared: Sales Manager

Ms. Mariana Silva 345 W. Cedar Street Akron, OH 44307

Contact: Address:

City, State, Zip: Telephone:




Space Rental

$2,050.00 - $1,025.00

Less 50% Courtesy Discount


Equipment/Audiovisual Facility Ambassador Operations Facilitator

To Be Determined

$279.00 $93.00 $480.00


Fire Marshall

To Be Determined To Be Determined

Contracted/Technical Labor


Food & Beverage


(including 20% Service Charge & 6.75% Sales Tax)

TOTAL $18,677.00 See attached proposal for details describing each line item category. The above cost estimates are based on details we have to date. Please note that actual costs are subject to change and will be based on final event requirements. Ancillary charges will be based on prevailing rates at the time of your event. The John S. Knight Center is offering a 50% discount off the space rental. This offer is only valid for events between June 1 st through August 31 st and contracted by December 31, 2024.


PROPOSAL DATES & TIMES No dates are currently being held. We would be happy to place a hold on these dates at the time you request a contract, based on continued availability. MOVE-IN: Monday, June 3, 2024 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM EVENT: Tuesday, June 4, 2024 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM MOVE-OUT: Tuesday, June 4, 2024 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM MOVE-IN/MOVE-OUT: Up to 4 hours of move-in is included per rented day. Move-in/out times are between 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM. SPACE REQUIREMENTS Please note that specific room assignment is based on estimated number of guests conveyed. Change in estimated number of guests or other room requirements such as Audio-visual equipment, staging, etc. may affect room assignments as listed below. Please see the attached floor plan of the John S. Knight Center for all room dimensions and maximum capacities.







Breakfast & Meeting

Goodyear Room B





SPACE RENTALS Below are the space rentals on which all deposits required would be based:

Goodyear B

$2,050.00 x 1 day =

$2,050.00 $1,025.00

Less 50% Courtesy Discount

Total $1,025.00 The John S. Knight Center is offering a 50% discount off the space rental. This offer is only valid for events between June 1 st through August 31 st and contracted by December 31, 2024. TOTAL SPACE RENTAL $1,025.00


INCLUDED IN SPACE RENTAL The items listed below are included in the space rentals shown above:


Seating per banquet room Seating and guest tables for catered breakfast/lunch/dinner (1) Raised 8' x 12' x 16” platform (1) Standing lectern (1) Hand-held wired microphone (1) electrical service (120 volts up to 1000 watts) per room 1/2 move-in/move-out day per rented day (1/2 day = 4 hours) Trash Haul (8 yards) included per rented day

ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT Below is a list of additional equipment that will be required for your event, based on details we have to date. Please note that the actual amount will be based on your final requirements. Please refer to the Rate Sheet in the Center folder for the current rates of all ancillary equipment.


To Be Determined

SUPPORT SERVICES The estimates below are based on the times shown under DATES & TIMES section above. All services are required, and have a minimum of a 3 hour call: Security: Required during move-in, event and move-out hours: Move-in: (1) Operations Facilitator 3 hrs @ $31.00/hr $93.00 Event, Move-out: (1) Facility Ambassador 9 hrs @ $31.00/hr $279.00 First Aid: Required during move-in, event and move-out hours: Move-in, Event, Move-out: (1) Nurse 12 hrs @ $40.00/hr $480.00 * A Fire Marshall is not required by the John S. Knight Center; however, this is subject to change at the discretion of the City of Akron Fire Department. Charges for the Fire Marshall will be charged to the client at the prevailing rates. Custodial: • One cleaning of restrooms and public areas per day is included in space rental. • Post event clean up @ $27.00 per hour/per person if applicable. • If staffed restrooms are requested, the rate will be $27.00 per hour/per person with a minimum of four 4 hours. • Trash Haul @ prevailing rates. TOTAL SUPPORT SERVICES $852.00


CONTRACTED/TECHNICAL LABOR The only two recognized labor organizations in the John S. Knight Center are the I.A.T.S.E. Local #48 and I.A.T.S.E. Local #148B. Should labor be required for set-up, the rate of $57.00 per hour/per person will be applicable, with a 4 hour minimum call. * Please note: The John S. Knight Center will permit the moving in and out of equipment provided it may be hand carried or transported on a two-wheel dolly. Should equipment require transporting by any other means, contracted labor will be required for move-in, set up and move-out of such equipment. Decorator Labor: Preferred decorator will arrange labor with Union Steward. Labor charges will be direct billed to selected decorator. Should technical labor be required the rate is $62.00 per hour/per technician, with a 1 hour minimum call. * Please note: With rental of audio-visual equipment there may be a need for technical labor for setup, program technical assistance, or tear down. Once a complete listing of audio-visual needs has been provided, specific technical labor charges may be quoted. PARKING Over 600 parking spaces are available in the Broadway Street parking deck connected to the Center via a pedestrian walkway. Additionally, located on the corner of High Street and East Market Street is the new High Street parking deck with 600 parking spaces available. Both parking decks surround the center with more than 1,200 spaces. Special parking arrangements can be made directly with Rick Facenbaker of ABM at (330) 375-2595. Within walking distance of the Center are numerous other parking decks and surface lots for you to choose from. Please refer to the locator map included in your packet. FOOD & BEVERAGE The John S. Knight Center will provide catering with in-house services and staff. The finest catering is available to you. From concessions to black-tie affairs, our professional staff is eager to exceed your expectations and to help in making each event a great success. For specific menus and price quotes, please contact Ronald Dorsey, Director of Food Service, at (330) 374-8905 or toll free at (800) 245-4254.



SPACE RENTAL TIME LINE 14 Days after contract is issued


Signed event contract due with first space deposit (25% of space rental) For tax exempt groups, please provide certificate of exemption with signed contract. 30 Days prior to event Second space deposit due (50% of space rental) 5 Business days prior to first move-in date Third space deposit due (25% of space rental) Ancillary charges due for event REQUIREMENT TIME LINE 45 Days prior to event Certificate of Insurance



Promoter to provide a certificate of insurance naming the Akron/Summit Convention and Visitors Bureau dba John S. Knight Center as additional insured. Insurance must be carried with an acceptable insurance company licensed to do business in Ohio. The limit of liability must not be less than $1 million combined single limit with a $2 million aggregate.

4/6 Weeks prior to event Preshow Meeting

Meeting with promoter, John S. Knight Center staff and Caterer for planning and coverage of all event details .

CATERING TIME LINE 14 Days after catering event order is issued Signed catering contract due with deposit (25% of catering costs) 30 Days prior to event Second catering deposit due (50% of catering costs) 5 Business days prior to event Third catering deposit due (25% of catering costs) 72 Hours prior to event Final count/guarantee of attendees to Catering department


John S. Knight Center Catering Event Order

Event: Proposal Repeat/New: N

Rev. as of:

Sales Rep: KB Order Date: 3/15/24

City/State/Zip: Akron, OH 44307 Address: 345 W. Cedar Street Contact: Ms. Mariana Silva Client: Akron Community Foundation

Event Date: Tues., 6/4/24

No. Of Guests: 350

Guarantee #: End: 3:30pm

Begin: 7:30am

Phone: 330.436.5612

Space: Goodyear B



Breakfast Buffet

Chilled Fruit Juices Seasonal Fruit and Berries

Assorted Pastry, Croissant and Muffins Fluffy Scrambled Eggs with Chives French Toast with Candied Pecans Premium Coffees and Select Teas Smokehouse Bacon Seasoned Yukon Gold Potatoes

350 x $20.00 = $7,000.00

Turkey Club Wrap Boxed Luncheon

Smoked Turkey Breast, Cheddar Cheese, Field Greens, Tomato, Bacon

Garden Vegetarian Wrap Balsamic Drizzle, Flour Tortilla Kettle Cooked Potato Chips Confetti Pasta Salad Chocolate Chunk Cookie Herbed Mayonnaise, Flour Tortilla Soft Drink or Bottled water Creamy Dijon Sauce, Flour Tortilla Chicken Athena Wrap

Grilled Chicken Breast, Feta Cheese, Field Greens, Cucumber, Roasted Red Pepper

Grilled Eggplant, Yellow Squash, Zucchini, Asparagus, Roasted Tomato

350 x $16.00 = $5,600.00

Soft Drinks and Bottled Water Afternoon Beverage Break Premium Coffees and Select Teas

350 x $4.00 = $1,400.00


$14,000.00 $0.00 $0.00 $2,800.00 $16,800.00 Tax Exempt $16,800.00

Catering Sub-Total


Misc. Catering Charges Service Charge (20%)

Subtotal Sales Tax (6.75%) Total Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

John S. Knight Center Special Promotions


20% space rental charges Jan 1-May 31

Sept 1-Dec 31

Jun 1 - Aug 31 50% OFF space rental charges


rebate per hotel room night $3

Discounts are available for any future event date(s); contracts must be signed by 12.31.24. $3 rebate incentive will be confirmed with post event hotel room pick-up. Currently contracted events are not eligible.

77 E. Mill St. Akron, OH 44308 330.374.8900 800.245.4254

John S. Knight Center Online Photo Gallery

John S. Knight Center Online Photo Gallery

Please visit our online Photo Gallery to discover the flexibility of our spaces, set-ups & events!

John S. Knight Center Floor Plans

John S. Knight Center Rate Sheets of Services




Intercom Base Station Intercom Belt Pack

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

50.00 25.00

Grand Piano & Tuning Upright Piano & Tuning

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

325.00 225.00

Laptop / PC


3' Pipe & Drape/ft 8' Pipe & Drape/ft

3.00 5.00

Professional Camera Tripod 20" Confidence Monitor 50" 4k LCD Flat Screen Monitor Video Data Projector, 5,000 Lumen


150.00 350.00 300.00 800.00 700.00 400.00 175.00

12'/14'/15' Drape, White/ft 2' Drape, Black/ft 12' Drape, Black/ft 15'/25' Drape, Black/ft Copy Machine/day


6.00 9.00

4k-15k Lumen Projector

12.00 P.O.R. 15.00 30.00 50.00 50.00 35.00 10.00 10.00 28.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 80.00 60.00 15.00 P.O.R. 225.00 675.00 300.00 900.00 200.00 600.00 P.O.R. 325.00 735.00 735.00 395.00 580.00 580.00 580.00 580.00 580.00 580.00 175.00 335.00 175.00 335.00 175.00 175.00 350.00

8k HD Projector

Broadcast Quality Camera Basic Portable Sound System

Coat Rack


Wired Microphone Wireless Microphone 6 Input, 2 Output Mixer 16 Input, 4 Output Mixer

20.00 80.00 65.00

Truss Lectern

Additional Lectern w/Microphone White Marker Board w/Markers



Wireless Power Point Remote

40.00 20.00

Table 3'/6'/8'

A/V Cart

Table with Skirt & Standard White Cloth

7' x 12' Screen with Dress Kit 16' x 9' Screen with Dress Kit

175.00 225.00

Tablecloth - Standard White Table Skirt - In-Stock Colors

Dress Kit for 12' Fastfold 16' x 9' Screen


Table Cover - Vinyl

Digital Hard Disk Video Recorder

150.00 P.O.R.


Misc Cables and Adapters

Staging (6' x 8' section) Choral Riser/section Dance Floor (3' x 3' section)


120V up to 1,000 Watts 120V up to 2,000 Watts

$ $ $ $ $


*If Dance Floor Exceeds 36' x 36'

110.00 125.00 15.00 25.00 P.O.R. 75.00 125.00

Forklift/day Forklift/week

20 Amp Single Phase 208V Service

Extension Cord Multi-Tap Box

High Reach/day High Reach/week Scissors Lift/day Scissors Lift/week

Adapters for Plugs & Receptacles

$ $

Water (First 200 Gallons) Broadband, Installation/Port

$ $

Carpet Rental



Law Enforcement/hr

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

40.00 50.00 40.00 31.00 31.00 62.00 57.00 57.00 62.00

Exhibit Hall 1 Exhibit Hall 2

$ 2,195.00 $ 2,195.00 $ 4,150.00 $ 1,550.00 $ 2,050.00 $ 3,300.00

Traffic Officer/hr


Exhibit Halls 1 & 2 Goodyear Ballroom A Goodyear Ballroom B

Operations Facilitator/hr Facility Ambassador/hr Technical Labor/hr Contracted Labor/hr

Goodyear Ballrooms A & B Upper Corbin Rotunda

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $


Karder Terrace

Subcontracted Labor/hr

Lower Corbin Rotunda Maidenburg Concourse Harvey S. Firestone Room




OMNOVA Solutions B.F. Goodrich Room

Lost Key/Fob Charge


Single-Sided Black & White Copy/ea

0.10 0.15 1.00 1.50 0.25

Bridgestone/Firestone Room

Double-Sided B & W Copy/ea Single-Sided Color Copy/ea Double-Sided Color Copy/ea

Karl S. Hay Foundations Telxon Room

Vacuuming/sq ft Cleaning Exhibit/hr

The K Company Room


Meeting Room 3 Meeting Room 4 Ruhlin Room Mayors Room

Note: This is just a small sampling of Equipment and Services available. Please call for pricing on additional services and items not listed. Outsourced items may have associated delivery fees.

Box Office

The View Patio

500.00 Rev. 3/15/24




Goodyear Ballroom A Goodyear Ballroom B Goodyear Ballrooms A & B

$1,550.00 $2,050.00 $3,300.00 $2,195.00 $2,195.00 $4,150.00

Exhibit Hall 1 Exhibit Hall 2

Exhibit Halls 1 & 2

Corbin Rotunda

$735.00 $395.00 $325.00 $735.00 $580.00 $580.00 $580.00 $580.00 $580.00 $580.00 $175.00 $335.00 $175.00 $335.00 $175.00 $175.00 $500.00

Maidenburg Concourse Upper Corbin Rotunda Karder Terrace Foundations Room Karl S. Hay Room Bridgestone/Firestone Room B.F. Goodrich Room OMNOVA Solutions Harvey S. Firestone Room

Telxon Room K Company Room Meeting Room 3 Meeting Room 4 Ruhlin Room Mayors Room

View Patio


Included in the space rental: Seating per Goodyear Rooms A & B and Exhibit Halls 1 & 2 Seating and tables for any lower level meeting room(s), 1 set up per rented day Seating and guest tables for any catered breakfast/lunch/dinner

(1) Raised 16” x 8’ x 12’ platform per room (1) Handheld wired microphone per room (1) Standing podium per room (1) Electrical service (120 volts up to 1000 watts) per room (4) Hours of move-in/move-out time per rented day

• Any interior space not addressed shall be rented for an additional $0.35 per square foot per day. • Any exterior space may be rented at an additional $0.20 per square foot per day. • Box Office space is available at $350.00 per day. Above listed space rates are double for recognized holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Easter Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Additional Space Rental : Space rental is based on the amount of space being used and the number of days. The use of space per rented day is fixed between 8:00 AM – 12:00 AM. There is additional space rental if the event takes place before and after the allotted time and is not part of the move-in or move-out. Additional space rental is charged at 10% of the rentable space being used per additional hour or 50% of the daily space rent per additional day.

Convention Rebate: A $3.00 credit will be applied to space rental for each trackable overnight guest room within Summit County on adjacent nights to event dates. Group is responsible to confirm with hotel that a tracking system is established for their group with the number of rooms utilized to be verified by the Center. Not applicable to package pricing.


John S. Knight Center Services & Contacts Overview


Sales: ● Jill Raymond ● Kelly Byers ● Jess Schmidt

● Initial Introduction and presentation of facility and services ● Provides Proposals and Price Quotes ● Contracting for facility ● Introduction to JSK Team for coordination of event requirements and event execution CLIENT SERVICES MANAGER: Chuck Wolfe (Main Contact) ● Facilitator of Preshow Meeting (4-6 weeks prior to event) ● Coordination of Operational & Technical Services (see below) ● Room Setups / Floor Plans & Diagram D esign ● Remaining Space Rental Deposits / Certificate of Insurance / Ancillary Invoicing ● Facility Tours OPERATIONS: Tate Ricker ● Ryan Durfee ● Kendyll Bartram

● Audiovisual Equipment ● Climate Control / HVAC

● Electrical Services ● Plumbing Services ● Sound & Lighting ● Trash Haul CONTRACTED/TECHNICAL LABOR: Bob Czup ● Labor Calls (including decorator calls) ● Freight / Shipments FOOD & BEVERAGE: Ron Dorsey ● Catering Service / Food & Beverage Items ● Table and Room Setups for Catered Functions ● Contracts / Invoicing / Deposits for Catering MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS: Stephanie Berry

● Assists with promoting your public event via a listing on our events calendar and our social media channels

Revised 3/5/24

President & CEO

Gregg Mervis



Vice President of Sales

Mary Tricaso Jill Raymond Kelly Byers Jess Schmidt Chuck Wolfe Misti Sherman

330.374.8926 330.374.8907 330.374.8932 330.374.8911 330.374.8925 330.374.8924 330.374.8936 330.374.8918 330.374.8922 330.374.8942 330.374.8915

Director of Sales Sales Manager Sales Manager

Client Services Manager Administrative Coordinator


Director of Operations Operations Manager & Union Steward

Keith Pomeraning

Bob Czup

Technical Operations Manager Operations Coordinator Facility Operations Technician

Tate Ricker

Kendyll Bartram Ryan Durfee


Vice President of Food & Beverage

Ron Dorsey


Director of Food Service Assistant Director of Food Service & Union Steward

Michael Hoag Taylor Harding

330.374.8929 330.374.8914

Assistant Director of Food Service

Christine Logan



Chief Financial Officer Senior Finance Manager Payroll Administrator

Morell Mendiola Vicky Killian

330.374.8944 330.374.8928 330.374.8931

Jazmyne Powell-Johnson


Vice President of Marketing & Brand Management Marketing & Social Media Manager

Stephanie Berry


Ty Johnson


John S. Knight Center Parking/Directions

Area Parking Options

John S. Knight Center | 77 E. Mill St., Akron, OH 44308 NOTE: - Parking is FREE in all City of Akron decks on Fridays after 6pm, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. - Mondays through Thursdays, 6pm to 6am - $2 flat rate. - City of Akron-owned decks include: Broadway, Cascade, CitiCenter and High/Market.

Summit County deck -1,140 spaces 200 S. High St. .75 ¢ per ¼ hour, $5.00 max $66.25/$72 per month M-Sat 7a-11p 330.434.7232 Cascade deck -2,031 spaces 10 W. Mill St. $1.00 per ½ hour, $6.00 max $70/$92 per month 24 hrs, 7 days 330.375.2595 Akron Centre deck -1,014 spaces 11 W. Mill St. $1.00 per ½ hour, $9.00 max $75/$100 per month M-F 7a-11p 330.375.2596 Note: Rates are subject to change.


Broadway deck -690 spaces 120 S. Broadway St. Skywalk to John S. Knight Center $1.00 per ½ hour, $7.00 max $65/$55 per month (rooftop) 24 hrs, 7 days 330.375.2597 CitiCenter deck -236 spaces 132 S. High St. $1.00 per ½ hour, $7.00 max $70/$92 per month M-F 7a-9p 330.375.2598 High/Market deck -595 spaces 40 S. High St. $1.00 per ½ hour, $7.00 max $70/$92 per month M-F 7a-11p 330.375.2671 Broadway/Market lot -183 spaces















43 S. Broadway St. $2.00 (quarters only)

$35 per month 24 hrs, 7 days

A comprehensive parking map for the entire downtown Akron area is available at

REV: 01.10.2024

JOHN S. KNIGHT CENTER 77 E. Mill Street, Akron, OH 44308 330.374.8900 800.245.4254 FAX 330.374.8971

FROM TURNPIKE I-80 East to Exit 180 (Route 8 South). VIA RT. 8

Follow Route 8 South to Perkins Street Exit. Exit Right onto Perkins Street. Proceed on Perkins Street until reaching High Street.

Turn Left onto High Street, which is one-way South bound. Proceed on High Street, passing over E. Market Steet. The Center is located on the left at the corner of High & Mill Streets. Parking is available all around the Center.


I-77/I-76 (they run concurrently briefly) to Exit 22A, which is

VIA I-77 & WEST VIA I-76

marked: Main/Broadway/Downtown.

You will merge with a one-way side street (South Street). Follow South Street to the 2 nd light. At that point all traffic MUST turn left onto Broadway, which is a one-way street going North bound. Follow Broadway to Mill Street (about 1 ½ miles) The Center is located at the corner of Broadway & Mill Streets. Parking is available all around the Center.


I-71 to I-76 East to Exit 22A (Main/Broadway/Downtown).

Follow directions above.

VIA I-71


I-77 to Exit 22A (Main/Broadway/Downtown).

VIA I-77

Take Broadway, turn Left (one-way street). Follow Broadway to Mill Street (about 1 ½ miles). The Center is located on the left at the corner of Broadway & Mill Streets. Parking is available all around the Center.

Revised: 04.09

Akron/Summit Convention & Visitors Bureau Services


If you’re planning a convention, business meeting or exposition, let the Akron/Summit Convention & Visitors Bureau’s Destination Sales Team help you make it an undeniable success. Our professional staff is eager to customize a strategy to leverage your group’s special needs and interests. We can provide you with information, prepare itineraries, make reservations, arrange for registration service and much more. We’ll do everything we can to make your visit successful and enjoyable — the best it can be. The following services are available upon request from the Akron/Summit Convention & Visitors Bureau. Please notify the Bureau of your needs in advance of your event. WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM BUREAU SERVICES

Meeting, Convention & Exposition Planners

Student/Youth Travel Planners Steeped in history, culture and the arts, many Summit County attractions provide the foundation upon which learning can flourish, including The University of Akron, Youth Symphony and Ballet, Summit Artspace, and numerous community theaters and recreational venues.

Summit County boasts venues to suit the needs of traditional meeting, convention and exposition planners. The Bureau’s Destination Sales Team is poised to lend assistance before, during and after your event. Reunion Planners We assist groups of all sizes with reunions in Greater Akron & Summit County. With a network of tourism partners, the Bureau is your clearing house for attraction, dining and accommodation information. If you’re planning a military, religious, fraternal or family reunion, the Bureau offers specific services to meet your needs.

Sporting Event Planners

With a wide array of fields, courses and facilities, the Bureau’s comprehensive sports venue directory provides sporting event organizers the essential information to plan a winning event.



• Personalized site inspection visits • Vendor/service referral system (i.e. entertainment, transportation or printers) • Welcome letter, press conference and local interview assistance • Welcome signage and lapel buttons provided to your host hotel(s) front desk staff • Airport signage coordination (based upon availability) • Printed visitor materials, including: Visitors Guide, Event Calendar Golf Guide and area maps • Tour/off-site activity development and coordination • Exhibitor Trade Show Checklist & Exhibiting Tips


PERSONAL Groups wishing to offer an on-site concierge can make arrangements to offer a variety of enhanced services to their attendees. Please contact the Bureau for more information. Personal Concierge Services Include: • Detailed area attraction information • Maps and printed directions • Restaurant menus and reservation assistance • Ground transportation coordination DIGITAL

Utilizing FlipBook® software, the Bureau will create a personalized document for your use in building attendance, sharing event information and providing Greater Akron information in the following three service areas: media, promotion and “The City Expert,” which includes itineraries, maps, dining and other digital assets.











Please contactusfora com plete listofGreaterAkron ac om m odations and/ora copyofourcom prehensive Akron/Sum m itDestination Planner!

JOHN S.KNIGHT CENTER |77 E.M ILLST.|AKRON 44308 |330.374.8900 |

John S. Knight Center 77 E. Mill Street | Akron, OH 44308 330.374.8900 | 800.245.4254

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